For any eCommerce store owner, the primary indicator of success is the ability to convert site visitors into sales. An elegantly designed online store and tons of traffic are good, but unless they translate to sales, you may be wasting your time, effort and money. With that in mind, here are the top tips to effectively enhance your online store’s conversion rate:

    • Encourage user-generated content (UGC) on your eCommerce platform – User generated content is feedback (images and texts) by customers about the effectiveness of a particular product they’ve used. Research shows that customers are more likely to buy a certain product when they get views from other customers who’ve used the product, rather than views from sales people. This aspect is known as social proof. So encouraging UGC content can lead to high conversion rates for your online store.
    • Create promotions on your store based on past customer purchases – Utilizing Google analytics to study your customer behavior and combining with personalized promotions can dramatically increase your site’s conversion rate. Create impeccable discount offer, including targeted email campaigns depending on previous purchase behaviors, and you’ll be shocked to see a 3-fold increase in customers to your store who are more likely to purchase your products.

  • Ensure your online store is mobile-friendly – Today, more people are using Smartphones and tablets to make purchases online than desktop computers. Because of this fact, Google changed its algorithm from desktop to mobile-first indexing. This means that if your site is not mobile-friendly, you’ll lose more customers, hence lack of sales. Once your site is up and running, ensure to test it just to make sure it’s mobile-friendly.
  • Make your store more visual-based than text-based – The modern day customer doesn’t want to spend time reading blocks of text. Instead, they want to spend the least time possible buying products online. That said, a visually-based platform will record more sales than a text-based platform. Ensure that you incorporate high-quality images of your products, including their video descriptions to conform to the modern customer requirements if you want to sell online faster.
  • Lower or scrap out shipping costs – A customer can find a product at a really reasonable price and make the decision to buy, only to be met with a substantial shipping cost. Most customers will simply head to offline stores or move to the competition. This is why it’s vital to lower or scrap out the shipping cost if you want to realize high conversions for your online platform.


The competition in online shopping is cutthroat and if you cannot enhance customers’ experiences, you may eventually close shop. Leverage every piece of technology you can find to optimize your site and research the pain points of customers and address them. You will easily succeed in the already crowded online selling space.

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