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iOS 15.2 Beta Update Released for Developers, Brings New Features

After releasing the iOS 15.1 update, Apple immediately stepped in to prepare the next version update of the operating system. How not, just a few days later, Apple has re-released the iOS 15.2 beta update.

For now, the new iOS 15.2 beta update is aimed at developers only. Even so, there are several new features that Apple has introduced into the iOS 15.2 beta update.

Launching MacRumors, the first new feature in iOS 15.2 beta is App Privacy Report. App Privacy Report is a feature that allows users to find out how often apps access sensitive info on their device.

Starting from info related to location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts for the last 7 days. This feature has actually been introduced by Apple in the announcement of iOS 15 at the last WWDC event. But apparently, the new App Privacy Report will be present in the upcoming iOS 15.2 update.

Next is the Auto Call feature that Apple has updated in the iOS 15.2 beta update. Auto Call update allows users to use the feature quickly.

The trick is to press the side button and volume at the same time. Then there is also an extended call countdown, from …