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iOS 15.4 Beta 1 Update Brings the Face ID Unlock Feature with a Mask

Apple has released the iOS 15.4 Developer Beta 1 update for developers to try. There are a number of tested new features as well as behind-the-scenes improvements. One of the most interesting is the Face ID feature in iOS 15.4 Beta 1. That is the screen unlock mode with a facial biometric scanner aka Face ID which can now recognize the iPhone owner’s face when wearing a mask. Previously, Apple had released a feature to unlock Face ID with a mask, but you also had to use an Apple Watch for additional authentication.

Now in iOS 15.4 Beta 1, Apple is testing the Face ID unlock feature with a mask but no need to use an Apple Watch. Quoted from Apple Insider, the Face ID unlock feature with a mask is available as an additional setting in the Settings – Face ID and Passcode – Use Face ID With a Mask section. Apple explained that the Use Face ID With a Mask feature will read the face around the eyes as a biometric authentication mode. Users also have to stare at the iPhone screen to use the Use Face ID With a Mask mode.

It was also explained that the …

The Most Difficult Zodiac Signs as a Partner

Everyone must have their own criteria in choosing a partner, but sometimes everyone is too picky, has very high qualities, or is difficult to fall in love so hard to find. Regardless of whatever reasons a person has, often the zodiac character also influences. Astrologically, these zodiac signs are the most difficult to get.


You could say that Virgo is the most independent of all the zodiac signs, so independent he can seem like he doesn’t need anyone, including a partner. Virgo is also very picky, has specific criteria and is hard to be satisfied with, so whatever he does to get a partner is often not fruitful. He is also analytical, so he will automatically distance himself until he can be sure to trust someone. That’s the reason it’s hard to find.


Scorpios generally don’t know what they want in a partner and tend to hide their feelings. No one really knows or understands a Scorpio’s heart, because he himself won’t be able to open up without trust. Before a Scorpio matures emotionally, he is also not ready to start a real love relationship. It can take a long time to open up the mysterious Scorpio heart …

How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales

Social media is an online media that is used for long-distance communication needs, the process of interaction between users with one another, as well as getting information through special application devices using the internet network. The purpose of the existence of social media itself is as a means of communication to connect users with a very wide area coverage.

Well, for those of you who use social media who want to earn money, be wise in using social media by empowering it to increase sales. However, how? Check out the following:

Determine the Target and Type of Social Media

Before starting to market your product on social media, it would be nice to do some research first regarding the marketing target and the type of social media that will be used. That way, your marketing will be more effective and the products you sell can sell well.

For example, when you sell hypebeast goods, target your marketing to young people who live in big cities and use Instagram as a medium. Because, usually people who like hypebeasts will definitely be more active on Instagram social media.

Create Live Video Content

Live content or live broadcasts are now becoming popular and …

Instagram users will be able to choose posts that appear on the timeline

Instagram is constantly developing new features in its service. In the past week alone, various new Instagram features have continued to appear, whether it’s just a rumor or one that has actually been released. Starting from making the Story duration longer, the subscription feature, Take a Break, to the most recent Tex-to-speech on Reels. Now comes another new feature which is reportedly being prepared by the Meta subsidiary.

The new feature in question is the option to select posts that appear on the user’s timeline. The news about the presence of the new Instagram feature was first revealed by a leaker on Twitter named Alessandro Paluzzi. In his upload, Alessandro shared a screenshot of what Instagram’s new feature looks like. There are three options that users can choose from, namely Home, Following, and Favorites. In Alessandro’s upload, one netizen asked what the difference was Home and Following.

Alessandro then explained that if the user chooses the Following option, it is possible that the posts that appear on the timeline only come from the accounts that are followed. Meanwhile, for Favorites, there is no further information regarding this option. Currently, the Instagram timeline format has undergone changes from time to time.…