The society is becoming visually-based due to the rapid expansion of technology. This means that visual-based content (images, graphics, infographics) appeals and will continue to appeal to most consumers across the board against text-based content. This is because visual-based content can deliver information powerfully and fast without compromising on the customer’s interest. In fact, studies show that 70% of the world’s population is visual learners, which is why your eCommerce sales and marketing content strategies should focus on more images than texts. However, for your images to impact the clients and drive conversions, they must be optimized to the required quality. Here is a rundown on how to optimize your image gallery to drive up conversions:

1. Keep the images for your online store as small as possible

Large images tend to make it slow to load on a customer’s browser. This is bad for your site as it can result in prospective customers bouncing off your store, impacting conversions in the long run. It’s also a ranking factor for Google, and it can impact your SEO. Make a point to optimize your images to a smaller size, while maintaining a quality that you need.

2. Plaster your store images on a white background

To be able to sell online, the background of your images need to be attractive and appealing to the customer. So choosing a white background tends to showcase your professionalism and the unique features of your products to the customers. You can leverage tools like pen tool in Adobe Photoshop to hack this.

3. Incorporate alignment to your online store images

Your images will never stand out without alignment. An alignment of your images brings a sense of consistency, and this will let your online store look utterly professional to the eyes of the customers. Adobe Photoshop has all the features you need to align your images before plastering them on your eCommerce platform.

4. Sell online effectively by making your images SEO friendly

Make your images search engine friendly so that customers can easily search and find you. You can achieve this by including title, ALT tags and Meta tag descriptions in your images. Optimizing images can be technical, but you can solicit the services of an expert to do it for you.

5. Invest in HD photography for your eCommerce store

We can’t stress enough the importance of high-quality images for your business online. Low-quality images can ruin your company’s reputation in a heartbeat. Low-quality images don’t show the precise details of the product, and they depict complete lack of professionalism. High definition images are able to reveal the finer details of your products by showing richer image colorations. They are also eye-catching and can easily be zoomed without affecting their quality.

6. Use lightbox tool for your store

Lightbox is, essentially, a javascript library feature that enables you to display images by completely filling your page by dimming out the remainder of the page. Lightbox provides a great experience for customers as they can open the product image, enlarge it, while they are on the same web page.