Most people never expect or plan to get arrested, but sometimes the unexpected happens. If someone you love has made a mistake that’s landed them in jail, chances are you will need a bail bond. Before you head to your local bondsman, there are some things to keep in mind so that you know what to expect.

1. Not Everybody Is Eligible For Bail

Whether your loved one is eligible for bail depends on what he or she is being charged with. Almost all felony charges are eligible for bail. However, anyone who is being charged with something that carries a sentence of life in prison or the death penalty is not eligible. Additionally, if your loved one has a long criminal history or is considered a major flight risk, he or she may not be eligible for Luzerne County bail bonds.

2. There Are Conditions To Bail

The conditions of a person’s bail are often more than being able to pay the cash amount. Depending on what the accused is being charged with, he or she will need to meet additional requirements. Typically, this includes keeping employment, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and staying away from any alleged victims or other people who are involved in the case.

3. Several Factors Go Into Setting Bail

Two people may be charged with the same crime but have to post different amounts for bail. This is because the judge considers several other factors when determining the amount. In addition to what the alleged crime was and whether the defendant has a criminal history, the judge will consider how strong the state’s case is, whether the defendant has community ties that will make him or her less likely to flee, and whether the defendant poses a danger to public safety.

When looking for a bail bondsman for your loved one, look for someone who is licensed and who has experience in working with the court system in your area. This will help things to go more smoothly.

By pauline