In today’s era, more and more types of beauty products are popping up. Starting from a series of organic skincare to several tools specifically designed for treatment, you can do it yourself at home. All of them are certainly tempting because they have their respective advantages.

However, you need to be wise before buying beauty products. It would be nice, you pay attention to these five things first before deciding to use beauty products.

Does this product use natural ingredients?

Currently, beauty products are dominated by materials that are not environmentally friendly. Even though almost every day you use these beauty products. Imagine, if every woman uses less environmentally friendly products every day, our earth will suffer the consequences.

Well, from now on you can buy products that are environmentally friendly and natural, yes. Remember, the benefits of natural products are no less good, you know!

Is this product safe and quality?

Before deciding to buy environmentally friendly products, you usually have to look at the reviews first, right? Whether it’s from a beauty influencer or it could be from your friends. It’s only natural that you always do that, because you want to make sure that the product you buy is safe and guaranteed quality.

Is the production process environmentally friendly?

When using skincare or makeup products, have you ever imagined how the production process is? Don’t pretend you don’t care, because this will have the same impact on the condition of our earth. Make sure your favorite skincare production process is environmentally friendly.

For example, Garnier products that have transformed the business chain, from manufacturing, formulas, packaging, to actions against plastic pollution. All this process is done for the sake of a greener earth you know!

Are you sure the product is cruelty free?

Last but not least, you must also make sure that the product is cruelty free. That means, the product you use does not go through a process that harms or even kills animals. Both for raw materials to the manufacturing process.

Oh yes, to find out about cruelty free beauty products, you can directly check the cruelty free logo that has packaging. Well, you also have to know, all Garnier products around the world have officially received the cruelty free label, you know! So cool, right?

By pauline