If you are like many individuals today, you may be looking for ways to increase your income. However, you may not have considered becoming a notary public. This state commission gives you the right to sell your services to a wide range of government agencies, companies and individuals. However, you need to be aware of your responsibilities as a notary.

Certification Requirements

As a notary, you are subject to your secretary of state. Some states require training, written exams, background checks and other processes. However, every state requires that these individuals be high school graduates aged 18 or higher. You are responsible for contacting your state and learning about and completing all the commission requirements.

Securing Your Supplies

Every notary needs to purchase specific supplies, from stamps and embossers to journals and accessories. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase notary value supply bundles or each supply individually, but they are your expense. These supplies belong to you, not your company, so you can use them at your own will. However, you are also responsible for ensuring that they remain secure. You don’t want unauthorized usage of your supplies.

Witnessing Documents

Your primary duty is to witness document signing. However, you need to verify the identity of the individuals signing the documents. You also need to ensure that the parties are voluntarily signing them. In addition, you are required to be present at the time of signing so you can watch it happen. You cannot notarize an already signed document.

Keeping a Log

You also have to keep a log of each document signing you witness or other duty you perform. Your logbook may be used in legal proceedings to ensure that proper procedures were followed.

Additional Tasks

You may also be asked to administer oaths in various legal proceedings, such as depositions. As a notary public, you may also be asked to certify photocopies of important documents.

As a notary, you provide a valuable service, but you have important responsibilities you need to understand before applying for a commission.

By pauline