If you need to get a loved one out of jail but don’t have the money to pay bail, a bail bond agent can help. They will allow you to sign paperwork that ensures you understand that you are responsible for ensuring that the defendant attends all court proceedings.

They Help You Get Out of Jail

Bail bond agents take on significant risks to help bailed-out defendants return to their lives, jobs, and families while waiting for court dates. They can do this because of the relationships they build with the friends and family of the accused. They do this in exchange for a fee, which is non-refundable. They will also conduct background checks on the accused to ensure they can be counted on to pay the premium or appear in court as scheduled.

Getting someone out of jail can be stressful, especially if you are unfamiliar with bail bonding. You should know four things about bail bond agents and their role in easing the process. These facts will help you decide whether to use their services or not. These include where the accused is being detained, their full name and booking number, and their charges.

They Help You Stay Out of Jail

Getting your friend or family member out of jail is a big responsibility. In most cases, bail amounts are set high enough that only those with much cash can afford to post the necessary funds for the accused’s release from prison. That’s where bail bond agents step in to help by posting a surety bond on behalf of the defendant. A good bondsman Scranton PA will then give the court a guarantee that the accused will show up to all of their scheduled trial dates. If they do, no further money will be owed to the bail bondsman.

In case of a no-show, the bond agent will usually hire a bounty hunter to track the defendant down and return them to court. This is why it’s essential for the accused to always show up on their trial dates! If they don’t, the bail bondsman will forfeit their bond percentage. It’s an unfortunate but natural part of the criminal justice system.

They Help You Get Your Money Back

A bail bond is a contract between the accused, friends, family, and the bondsman. The accused pays a non-refundable fee (usually 10% or less of the total bond amount) to the bondsman, who acts as insurance for the court that the accused will attend all their scheduled court hearings.

If the accused fails to show up to court, the bail bondsman will act as a bounty hunter, trying to locate and return them to the courts within a specific time frame. This ensures that the courts recover the bail money.

When the accused is found not guilty or is acquitted, the bail money will be returned to the original party who paid for it. It is essential to record all the court dates to know when you will get your money back. Usually, it will be within a few months after the case has been resolved. If you don’t have that information, it might take longer.

They Help You Stay Safe

A bail bond agent can help you stay safe by making sure you show up for your court dates. If you fail to appear, you become a fugitive, and a warrant for your arrest is issued. Bail bond agents hire bounty hunters or fugitive recovery agents to find criminals and bring them back to court.

Getting arrested is stressful enough, but it can be especially so if you don’t have the money to post your bail with the courts. Bail bond agents can offer you financial assistance so you don’t have to spend months in jail waiting for your trial date.

The bond process can be complicated, but bail bond agents make it easier by helping you to understand the process and providing valuable information about your case. They also offer various options to help you post your bail, such as property bonds allowing you to use the deed for your home or other value items instead of cash.

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