Social media is a platform that many people use today. Starting from children, teenagers, to adults, not a few are actively using social media. Of the many social media, Twitter and Instagram are the ones that are quite popular among the public.

Twitter and Instagram actually have their own differences and characteristics. Instagram is a photo and video-based social media platform, while Twitter is more about writing or tweeting. Even though they are different, they support each other in various ways. One of them is with support for a feature called Twitter Card.

The Twitter Card feature serves to display a preview of a link that is shared on Twitter. Now, because Instagram supports Twitter Cards, a preview of Instagram post links shared via Twitter Tweets will appear. With the appearance of the preview, Twitter users will find it easier to see an overview of Instagram posts before clicking on them.

Just like other ways to share links, the Twitter Card preview for Instagram posts will appear automatically when users enter a link in the Tweet post field. Instagram’s support for the Twitter Card feature itself has taken effect a few days ago. To be precise, Instagram has started supporting Twitter Card previews since November 4, 2021.

Meanwhile, Instagram’s support for Twitter Card is not the first time. Previously, this subsidiary of Facebook (now Meta) had already launched Twitter Card support, until in 2012 it was decided to remove it. Then, why did Instagram remove support for the Twitter Card feature?

At that time, the founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, thought that Instagram photo content should only be seen on Instagram, not on other platforms. With the Twitter Card function that can display previews, it is feared that users will no longer be interested in viewing related photo content on Instagram.

In addition, Kevin Systrom said that Instagram wants to have complete control over all photo content that is shared on Instagram. However, after several years of not appearing, finally in 2021 the preview of Instagram photo or video posts shared on Twitter can appear again thanks to the Twitter Card feature.

By pauline