Instagram is constantly developing new features in its service. In the past week alone, various new Instagram features have continued to appear, whether it’s just a rumor or one that has actually been released. Starting from making the Story duration longer, the subscription feature, Take a Break, to the most recent Tex-to-speech on Reels. Now comes another new feature which is reportedly being prepared by the Meta subsidiary.

The new feature in question is the option to select posts that appear on the user’s timeline. The news about the presence of the new Instagram feature was first revealed by a leaker on Twitter named Alessandro Paluzzi. In his upload, Alessandro shared a screenshot of what Instagram’s new feature looks like. There are three options that users can choose from, namely Home, Following, and Favorites. In Alessandro’s upload, one netizen asked what the difference was Home and Following.

Alessandro then explained that if the user chooses the Following option, it is possible that the posts that appear on the timeline only come from the accounts that are followed. Meanwhile, for Favorites, there is no further information regarding this option. Currently, the Instagram timeline format has undergone changes from time to time.

Now the posts that appear do not only come from accounts that are followed by users. But also recommended posts from related accounts that are followed, so that more posts appear on the timeline. Not only that, the order of posts on the Instagram timeline is also no longer sequential from the latest time. Posts appear randomly, not infrequently even those that were posted two days ago were only seen by users today.

The emergence of the option to select posts that appear on the timeline can at least solve the problem of users who are annoyed with the current format.Unfortunately, Alessandro did not mention when the new feature would be officially launched for general users.

By pauline