In the last 1-2 years, the world is known to be experiencing a chipset shortage crisis. The scarcity of these chipsets has a big impact on business people in the technology and gadget fields. Apple is one of the many gadget companies affected by the shortage of chipsets.

The giant company from the United States is really affected by the shortage of chipsets. Various kinds of gadget products made by Apple are reportedly experiencing production disruptions due to the scarcity of chipsets. Starting from the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, and so on, production has been disrupted. Meanwhile, recently the global chipset supplier as well as Apple supplier, Foxconn, gave a prediction of how long the shortage of chipsets will last.

According to information from Foxconn submitted directly to The Wall Street Journal, the chispet shortage will not end in 2021. Foxconn said, the shortage of chipsets will most likely last until 2022. Regarding the exact time, Foxconn predicts shortages will occur until the second half of 2022. Reporting from MacRumors, Apple itself reportedly had to swallow a fairly large loss due to the scarcity of the chipset.

Throughout the last quarter of 2021, the scarcity of chipsets has cost Apple USD 6 billion (Rp 84 trillion). The number of losses is far greater than what has been calculated by Apple. Even according to predictions, the number of losses could be even greater before the holiday season at the end of the year. Therefore, of course, all parties, including Foxconn and Apple, hope that the chipset shortage crisis will end soon and everything can return to normal.

By pauline