Agree or not, every country has its level of security and comfort to live in. Not all countries have the same reputation for gender equality and women’s safety, and based on research only a few countries rank as the best and safest countries for women to live in.

Reporting from, US News & World Report has released its annual ranking of the Best Countries for Women of 2020. The survey was conducted on nearly 9,800 women worldwide. Here are the 10 best and safest countries to live in for women.


The security score in Austria is 9.3 and the human rights score is 8.5. This value is quite high because not many countries can respect women and protect their human rights properly.


Australia is in ninth place. This large country with various races, ethnicities, and cultures not only has a high sense of tolerance but also got a score of 9.6 for security and 8.0 for human rights.

New Zealand

As a neighboring country to Australia, New Zealand is also a safe and comfortable country for women to live in with a safety score of 9.6 and 8.0 for gender equality. Even the income there is quite high for women, with a score of 6.7.


As a developed European country and famous for its cheese, Switzerland guarantees the safety of women’s lives with a full score of 10, and upholds human rights with a score of 9.3.


Finland is ranked sixth as the best place to live for women because it upholds gender equality at 9.3 and the quality of income is high for women with a score of 8.1.


Canada is the fifth country that is very safe for anyone to live in, including women because this country is very protective of its people with gender equality of 9.3 even though the quality of opinion is only 7.3.


If you want to live a rich life as a woman, live in Norway because this country guarantees women’s income quality with a score of 10, security of 9.8, and gender equality of 8.8.


The Netherlands is the third safest country for women because the country of Uncle Sam protects and upholds human rights with an absolute score of 10, with a quality income for women of 8.1.


Sweden is the second safest and most comfortable country for women to live in with a score of gender sensitivity and upholds human rights with a full score of 10. The country ensures the safety of women with a score of 9.4.


At the top of the rankings for the best and safest countries, for women to live in, Denmark has a gender equality score of 9.6 and guaranteed safety of 9.8. Equality in the quality of income there is assessed at 9.2 with the opportunity to develop at 7.9 and uphold human rights at 9.8.

By pauline