Everyone must have their own criteria in choosing a partner, but sometimes everyone is too picky, has very high qualities, or is difficult to fall in love so hard to find. Regardless of whatever reasons a person has, often the zodiac character also influences. Astrologically, these zodiac signs are the most difficult to get.


You could say that Virgo is the most independent of all the zodiac signs, so independent he can seem like he doesn’t need anyone, including a partner. Virgo is also very picky, has specific criteria and is hard to be satisfied with, so whatever he does to get a partner is often not fruitful. He is also analytical, so he will automatically distance himself until he can be sure to trust someone. That’s the reason it’s hard to find.


Scorpios generally don’t know what they want in a partner and tend to hide their feelings. No one really knows or understands a Scorpio’s heart, because he himself won’t be able to open up without trust. Before a Scorpio matures emotionally, he is also not ready to start a real love relationship. It can take a long time to open up the mysterious Scorpio heart and make sure he can commit to a relationship.


There is no sign more impulsive and kite breaking than Sagittarius in this world. Free-spirited and determined to follow their heart to be happy, Sagittarius always needs adventure to make life less boring. That’s also what he needs in a love relationship. Commitment was something he could rarely promise someone even when he loved that person. It is because of this confusing attitude of Sagittarius that he enters the ranks of the zodiac that is difficult to get.


Aquarius are naturally quiet, people who enjoy solitude and independence. He is not easy to open up and let people into his heart because he is afraid of being hurt. Aquarius will be friendly in moderation and provide an invisible barrier to many people. It’s really hard to read an Aquarius who is keeping his distance, especially if that person has an open intention to approach him. Aquarius suspects it’s just a trick.


Capricorn is the picture of people who like practicality, efficiency and honesty. He really appreciates people who don’t pretend in life, especially if they are planning to decide as a life partner. No one likes to be seen as an item, weighed down for good and bad, but that’s exactly what Capricorn needs. Even though he didn’t mean to see someone as a prospective business project, it was easy for people to misunderstand.


Geminis may be the most outgoing and sociable people out there, but that doesn’t mean they give up easily. He needs a long process to make a decision that the person he knows at this time can be a partner who can accept his shortcomings and ugliness, especially in terms of emotion. He knows there’s a lot of sides to him that no one else has seen, and until someone is willing to accept, Gemini will keep his heart to himself.

By pauline