New Year’s resolutions are aspirations that are prepared by everyone when approaching the end of the year. Manifestations of improving career, health, and appearance, such as changing the style of makeup is one way that can be done to motivate yourself.

Not only that, the appearance of makeup is also a means of self-expression that can have a positive emotional impact on a person when making a new page.

Makeup Style 2022

To help you feel more confident as you celebrate the end of the year and at the same time help realize your resolutions for next year, take a look at three makeup styles that can inspire you to look even more stunning in 2022:

Glamor with Glam Makeup Look

This makeup style is synonymous with brown eyeshadow and thin eyeliner that can make you look elegant like Hollywood artists in the 50s. Because eye makeup uses neutral colors, such as brown, glam makeup is usually complemented by a touch of red lipstick that can make your look even more dazzling.

The glam makeup style is very suitable for evening events because it will make you look more stunning and add a glamorous impression. By using glam makeup, surely all eyes will be on you.

Playful with Colorful Makeup Look

If you want to change your appearance to make it look funky and like bright colors like peach, neon green, to a touch of glitter on your makeup, then this type of colorful makeup look suits your playful personality.

This look is perfect for you to use when you are attending a concert or just hanging out with friends. But, don’t forget to balance your eye makeup with blush on and natural colored lipstick, so that your makeup looks balanced.

Simple but Stunning with a Simple Makeup Look

Sometimes there are times when using makeup is very time-consuming and makes you reluctant to do it, especially when you want to celebrate the new year. In dealing with this, you can use a simpler makeup style to still look stunning even with simpler makeup.

By pauline