It’s been a new year, but you still don’t have a partner? It is not an easy matter when you want to find the right life partner. Especially those who want to accept you as you are. It takes effort, attention, and even sacrifice.

The goal is that whoever your partner will be, will not make you regret in the future. Well, for that, this time we have a recommendation on how to find the right new partner at the beginning of the year. Check out the following:

Don’t look for perfection

If you keep a perfect vision of what your dream soul mate will look like and don’t want to lower your standards one bit, you may be missing out on a chance with the person who should be your life partner.

“Your soul mate is usually not a perfect person as you think, but a love entity nested in a body that reflects all your imperfections that actually makes you love yourself even more,” says sexologist Frenchie Davis, host of Libido Talk.

“One day, you will find a soul mate who makes you realize your shortcomings. He will be the one who admires the things that make you not love yourself.” added Frenchie.

Find Equivalent

The first way to find a boyfriend is to find someone who is equal. As reported by Business Insider, people are judged to be easier to fall in love with other people who have the same values. The more similarities in various things, such as music preferences, movies, hobbies, experiences, or others, the more attracted both people are to each other.

In this case you can start to get acquainted and chat about many things. That way, it will be seen what things between you have in common. You can dig deeper about it. This method is believed to be effective in making potential partners more interested.

Find a partner who makes you comfortable

The right partners are those who can feel comfortable when they are with each other. However, try to feel whether the comfort you get when you are with him is really a sincere love or just blind love.

Signs of compatibility with a partner can be seen from both having stable and mature emotions, good communication and having the same goals. If only because you are blinded by love, you should think carefully before deciding to marry, because a relationship based on blind love does not last long.

Don’t Close Yourself

How to find a girlfriend that is no less important and must be done is not to close yourself off. As reported by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, United States, states that an open attitude shown by someone can make the other person more comfortable.

That way, openness is important when exploring the introduction period with a potential partner. In this case, you must be able to maintain an attitude so that the other person is comfortable when you are talking.

However, both parties must establish an interesting conversation and atmosphere for each other so that the relationship can continue to develop.

Those are some tips for finding a new partner in early 2022 for those who are single. Hope it is useful!

By pauline